Freestanding- First, Middle Name & Wreath

Freestanding- First, Middle Name & Wreath

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This listing is for three freestanding cut out. Includes first & middle name & floral wreath. For other freestanding listings, visit here for first name only, and here for first & middle name only.

The price is a base price and is priced by the length of the product. The height varies on the name and which font you choose. 

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All orders are handcut from start to finish. Your finished product/colors may vary although we strive to do our best to match your mockup.

A mockup will be sent to you within 1-3 days after purchasing. Your mockup MUST be approved or changes requested within 24 hours. If your mockup is not approved or responded to within 24 hours, your sign will automatically be moved to our next batch of orders. Which increases your turnaround time to 8-12 weeks. We are sorry we have to do this, but this makes our process so much easier and allows us time to spend with our family. We like to work in batches and when even one person's mockup has not been approved it delays everything.